Gifts for Dads and Grads: AT&T’s Best Deals for the Season

Summer is a time for celebration! Between showing appreciation to our dads and congratulating our grads, finding the perfect gift can be both exciting and challenging. Luckily, AT&T offers a variety of deals that cater to tech enthusiasts and those needing an upgrade. Here’s a look at some of the best AT&T deals this season that can make your gift-giving both special and affordable.

1. Smartphone Upgrades: Stay Connected in Style

For both grads stepping into a new phase of life and dads who deserve the best, upgrading to a new smartphone can be an excellent choice. AT&T often runs promotions on the latest models from top brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google. Here are some standout offers:

At AT&T, you can currently save up to $1000 on the iPhone 15 Pro Max with an eligible trade-in or get an iPhone 14 for only $1.99 per month (other terms apply). This is perfect for the tech-savvy dad or the graduate needing a reliable device for their next adventure.

With a limited time offer to get a Samsung Galaxy S24+ for $0.00 per month with an eligible trade-in, our deals ensure that your loved one gets a cutting-edge device without breaking the bank.

Known for its impressive camera and seamless integration with Google services, the Pixel 8a, now priced as low as $2.99 per month can be an ideal gift for a grad who loves photography or a dad who enjoys staying organized with Google Assistant.

2. Accessories: The Perfect Tech Companions

Complement a new phone with the latest accessories. AT&T offers a range of products that can enhance the mobile experience:

Smartwatches: Brands offer smartwatches that sync perfectly with smartphones, providing convenience and additional functionality. For a limited time, you could qualify for $100 off an Apple Watch, a Google Pixel Watch 2 for $5.99 per month, or a BOGO deal on a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Wireless Earbuds: High-quality sound and hands-free convenience make wireless earbuds an excellent addition. Right now, you can get 50% off Google Pixel Buds when you buy a Pixel smartphone.

Phone Cases and Chargers: Customizable phone cases or fast chargers can be thoughtful, practical gifts that add a personal touch. Don’t be afraid to stock up; buy 3 or more accessories and save 20%.

3. Home Entertainment: Upgrade the Viewing Experience

For dads who love their home theater setup or grads who are moving into a new apartment, AT&T’s entertainment deals are worth considering:

DIRECTV and AT&T Internet Bundles: Combining streaming services with high-speed internet, these bundles ensure top-notch entertainment and connectivity. This can be a great gift for a dad who loves sports or a grad who enjoys binge-watching their favorite shows.

Consider what your dad or grad needs most. Are they in need of a phone upgrade, or would they appreciate better home entertainment options? Gifting the perfect tech gear from AT&T can make your dad or grad’s special day even more memorable. With a variety of deals on smartphones, accessories, and home entertainment, AT&T provides affordable and exciting options for all tech lovers. Stay connected and show your appreciation with gifts that keep on giving throughout the year.

These deals won’t last forever, and terms are subject to change! Visit your nearest AT&T Store where our talented team of Connectivity Experts will work with you to ensure you get the best deals for your loved ones.