More than 38 million people have

taken the pledge

to drive distraction free. This means no calls, no texting and keeping their focus where it should be; on the road. But many of us have busy lives and it can be tough to completely disconnect while commuting. AT&T is here to help!


Apple released iOS 11 which included

Do Not Disturb While Driving mode

. This intuitive feature senses when you might be driving and prevents notifications on your iPhone. It does this by detecting your phone being connected to your cars bluetooth or when it senses driving motion. This is great for those of us that want to be safe and focused while driving. But what about young adults? Well, iOS has had a

restrictions passcode

available for a long time. The purpose of the restrictions passcode is to set up an iPhone with the settings you want, like drive mode activated, and then lock out the ability to change the setting without the passcode.


Nearly all AT&T devices with Android on them come pre-loaded with Drive Mode and can be enabled easily! Otherwise, AT&T offers the app for

free in the Google Play Store

. Setup is easy and can help you and loved ones stay safe on the road.

If you would like help setting up drive mode, you can

find a national AT&T location near you


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